The Unpopular Therapist, otherwise known as Erika Bennett Gaskill, shoots straight from the hip when necessary, gently nudges when called for, and will always show you how to engage yourself in any space regardless if it is comfortable or not.

Erika is a seeker, a truth teller, and a nurturer.  She’s tired of therapy being viewed as something you need because something is “wrong” with you or a place to wade through and dissect your past. What if you are more interested in learning about your present and how YOU ARE the most important influence on your future?

What if you are wanting a life where you feel free to live in more joy and ease?

Wanting to get clear on what you want out of life?

Wanting to know how to empower yourself instead of waiting for others to change?

Wanting to take on new growth challenges but don’t know how?

Who do you talk to when these are your focus?

To learn more about yourself, you have to take risks. They may be small, barely imperceptible risks or big, honking, giant leaps of Faith risks, either way, working with The Unpopular Therapist, you are going to learn more about how you do you.

People who come to work with Erika are either ready to begin making changes in their lives because they are either tired of how they are currently doing things, because they feel they have no other choice due to traumatic life events, or at a minimum, they are in a place where they want to begin making changes.

Erika is skilled at helping others connect – or re-connect in most cases – to themselves and their “inner compass”.  Erika does this by engaging you in conversation, both verbally and non-verbally, and asking you questions that, because of their unfamiliar nature, can lead you into the conversation your mind and body are already having.  Thus, opening up a whole new range of information to draw from in making decisions that are “right” for you, living a more satisfying life, and generating a solid foundation in how to handle any situation in any moment. 

This is what The Unpopular Therapist offers to you and many others like you. She is here to help you learn how your capacity to respond to yourself is exactly what will set you free from external pressures so you can heal yourself, to see who you are through your own eyes instead of through the eyes of others, and to know your own value instead of others telling you your value.

This process will shift your entire outlook on life.  It is not a quick fix, a magic pill, or a checklist of tips and tricks on what to do to be “better”.  It is a process that requires your time, your energy, and practice. It is not for the faint of will.  It is for the strong of heart.

As you learn to unplug from the matrix, begin to walk through the door toward Self “Response-Ability” and choose your own adventure it may cause waves, AND you will learn how to ride those waves in the midst of your deeper self discovery.

By learning about yourself and by expanding how you know yourself, you will have more at your fingertips to work with and not only create the life you are here to create but be able to do so with more confidence and clarity; knowing you are walking in your own shoes instead of the shoes other people (parents, spouse, boss, etc) want you to fill.

If none of this resonates or interests you, not a problem. If reading this excites you or intrigues you on some level, give me a call and let’s get our hands in the clay!

Erika Bennett Gaskill, The Unpopular Therapist