The Unpopular Therapist, otherwise known as Erika Bennett Gaskill, shoots straight from the hip when necessary, gently nudges when called for, and will always show you how to engage yourself in any space regardless if it is comfortable or not.

Erika is a seeker, a truth teller, and a nurturer.  She’s a Somatic Psychotherapist by day and blogger by night. She views therapy as a place to learn more about who you are and how you can create who you are becoming – not a place you go because something is “wrong” with you.

This blog is a platform to dive deeper into HOW we are “living” ourselves and the influence we have on our minds, our bodies, and those around us.

So, welcome and thanks for reading! If what you read excites or intrigues you on some level, please follow, like, and share with everyone you know. Just kidding. Well…not really.

If you are interested in a session with Erika, jump on over to the Contact page, send me a message and let’s get our hands in the clay!

Be gentle yet be fierce,

Erika Bennett Gaskill, a.k.a.: The Unpopular Therapist

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