How To Be Productive During Quarantine

Remember that time when you were in the shower and your big breakthrough idea popped in giving you a shot of adrenaline as if someone just poured ice cold water over you? Yep! That was you being unconventionally productive even when you thought you were just taking a steam bath.

Why Meditation Is So Important

When you clear your mind and all of its chatter, you are able to "hear"and receive information in a different way. As you develop your practice of listening through meditation, its as if your receptive capacity goes from hearing only through your ear pods to S - u - r - r - o - u - n - d S - o - u - n - d.

Being in the Unknown

Being in the unknown takes practice. Practice develops mastery and mastery breeds capital C, Confidence. When you are, or at very least, feel confident you can move into the unknown with a semblance of yourself that is familiar. How does one do this, you ask? Try the following exercise:

The Process of Learning

Developing your Inner Compass takes a little time, a fair amount of paying attention, and a whole lotta self-acceptance. Be kind to yourself as you move through your learning. Be kind to others who are playing a role in your learning.

Press Release : The Unpopular Therapist featured in Voyage LA

Hot off the presses, folks! Voyage LA, a online magazine first started here in Los Angeles, has published the latest issue of "The Trailblazers: Rewriting the Narrative" series and yours truly is in one of the spotlights for offering a creative and innovative service to local residents of Hollywood and Los Feliz. Check it out …

How Capital “L”ove Works.

What you resist outside of you provides a mirror to what you resist inside of you. The parts of you that you don’t like, that you resist to let exist in your identity as if they are something foreign, something for someone else, for the other but not you. This is a rejection of self - the most hate-full act of all.